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Your favorite Patrick Swayze movies

Patrick Swayze received her Hollywood Walk of Fame (18). August 1997 motion picture category star was taking over his birthday. A long, distinguished career, eclectic film about thirty eight included filming movies-including five TV movies. In addition, he made films, two TV mini series. Although it is very difficult to choose which to enjoy the most movies, this is my favorite.

Dirty Dancing (1987)
Director: Emile Ardolino. Stars: Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze (Johnny Castle), Cynthia Rhodes.
Media-including the Barbara Walters special interview in 1988, his 2009 autobiography My Life, etc., when the interviews Patrick Swayze said that he really felt, and identify the character, Johnny, Dirty Dancing. I think this fact significantly contribute to the car such real-life, amazing performance. His brilliant work in conjunction with his sizzling dance is the only truly phenomenal. And if this is not enough, his song (co-written Stacy Widelitz), "She's Like The Wind" was just gorgeous and the movie is still very popular. He was a key partner of the writer, koreografit and other cast members to make this film, which was carried out in line with shoestring budget on a timeless classic. Patrick Swayze, without I do not think that this movie would have been half as successful. In addition, his performance will affect countless men to think that a male and a dancer was OK.

One last Dance (2003)
Director: Lisa Niemi. Stars: Patrick Swayze (Travis MacPhearson), Lisa Niemi, George De La Pena.
This movie is a labor of love-Patrick Swayze, Lisa Niemi, and real-life wife and husband, submitted. It is based on the stage of the production in 1984 without A Word created by Lisa Niemi appeared. Patrick Swayze and Nicholas Gunn. (A) the Word won six LA Drama critic awards and many requests were made to the stage to play without making the movie. Work for many years one of the last Dance at Blabbermouth ASP.NET Houston WorldFest Houston International Film Festival (which I had the thrill of the record). One Last Dance dancers display inside the theme, which is never too late to realize your dreams in the world. Patrick Swayze, Lisa Niemi and dance scenes are absolutely gorgeous and reflect their true life love each other. Patrick Swayze carry two pieces that Lisa Niemi and he wrote for the movie. George De La Pena, and "the company" dancers are random.

Three wishes (1995)
Director: Martha Coolidge. Stars: Patrick Swayze (Jack Mc Cloud), Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Joseph Mazzello.
Three wishes is a very spiritual movie fantasy elements, which makes one appreciate the all one really is, and that love and magic exists in this world. Patrick Swayze Plays p?ihit?t, Mystic, hero character in 1950 century kataluuden and mercy. His exceptional ability to work for children and animal encounters, this role. I think it is a shame that this movie has promoted more box office for that.

Jump! (2007)
Director: Joshua Sinclair. Stars: Ben Silverstone, Patrick Swayze (Richard Pressburger), Martine McCutcheon.
This powerful film tells the story of Joshua Sinclair of the acclaimed life magazine photographer, Phillippe Halsman true story. He is accused of murdering his father in 1928, in Austria. Patrick Swayze becomes the acclaimed performance of (the best international actor prize) as attorney, Phillippe Halsman, who helps the time in the fight against rampant anti-Semitism.

Ghost (1990)
Director: Jerry Zucker. Stars: Patrick Swayze (Sam wheat), Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg.
Patrick Swayze brings to this role in a unique and heartfelt performance of agility. Once again, I think, is that someone else could do a good job. Finish is so emotional that I think it heralded forever. Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Swayze is an invaluable resource for interaction.

My respected listed:
Joy City (1992)
Tiger Warsaw (1988)
Outsiders (1983)

I have shared with you my favorite Patrick Swayze movies. Patrick Swayze was such an eclectic artist--had so many different types of roles--I'm sure that his fans a multitude of me agrees with some of my favorites and it is also your own. ENJOY! And, of course, thanks to Patrick Swayze, these treasures.

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